Be it creating templates or allocating and automatically filling content into containers, the Marketing Manager connectors to software and web systems automate the content-creation process for print products and web applications.

Automated creation of marketing materials

Data provision

Web Media DB

Web-CMS, shop systems

Typo, Drupal, Magento, Shopware, OXID etc.

Print and digital catalogues

InDesign etc.

Labels, price tags

Microsoft Word, Open Office,  InDesign etc.

Specifications, price lists

Microsoft Word, Open Office, InDesign etc.

Marketingmanager has connectors to web systems and desktop software which speed up the data workflow, and optimise work processes for creating marketing-related content.

The connectors to web-based Content Management Systems (Typo 3, Drupal etc.) and shop systems (Magento, Shopware, OXID etc.) allow you to automate the creation and management of your website content, while connectors to Office or DTP software help you compile dynamic publications like price lists, labels, datasheets or catalogues.

Marketingmanager simplifies the process for preparing all relevant product information (item data, image and media data, barcodes etc.), and generates the necessary data sets, which are imported dynamically during document creation.

Setting up multilingual text components (e.g. legal information or recurring phrases) guarantees effective, consistent use of important content. Once created, the text components speed up the compilation process for marketing-related product information.

Example: Creating automated content in a document template

Layout templates are set up in the respective software programs in order to create automated content, allowing paragraph and character formats to be defined, page elements arranged, and much more. The individual elements can then be linked with the relevant product information, images etc. from the central database, and filled for the desired edition.

Text component field

e.g. for item description, product group presentation etc.

Image container

e.g. for product photos with or without room themes, detail and structural photos.

Image container

e.g. QR codes, icons, environmental seals etc.





Image container

e.g. for company logo or brand

Text component fields

e.g. for item information, technical product information etc.

Text component fields

e.g. for item information, technical product information etc.

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