Expanded service portfolio for digital marketing channels,
product representation, video production, room photo creation
and available seminars.

You send us your products, we scan them. While this past procedure was good, productive and successful, we are convinced that we can support you even more extensively in your multi-channel marketing. In collaboration with our exclusive long-term partner Bluestudios, we have developed a concept that expands our Scan Service for FloorService.

New Scan Service package for digital marketing channels

Especially for the digital marketing channels, ESIGN offers a new Scan Service which…

  • Reduces the costs for each product scan by up to 50%;
  • Minimizes the processing time for each project by up to 30%; and
  • Includes color calibration for all digital marketing channels.


Service package: Photography

For individual products with features that can only be recognized when backlit, the scanning process hits its limits because it is unable to simulate the lighting situation for an effective representation of these product features. With the “Photography” service package, you can ensure that these products, too, can be shown to their full effect. Backlit photographs are created for the effective representation of special reflective properties such as embossed in register, iridescent, etc. (detail and surface photos).

Service package: Video

Once delivered for the scanning process, the products can be used for additional marketing and support activities without additional logistics steps. The “Video” service package uses the synergies of the scanning processes and the timely on-site production of supporting videos such as the presentation of special features, installation instructions or explanations on product care and maintenance.

Sample video for the representation of special product features

Service package: CGI Room Photo

Some products have a particular effect in special room situations while others are specially made for certain areas of application. However, the search for suitable room photos or locations for room photo production can be difficult and expensive or even impossible. The FloorService package “CGI Room Photo” is based on today’s 3D technology standards and allows the creation of the desired room situations including the matching room objects for installing the associated products and for generating product representations from various angles and camera distances.


Avoid errors, optimize and standardize processes, and consistently implement product representations: Media processing is part of everyday marketing activities and therefore not very spectacular, but non-optimized processes are susceptible to errors and can become costly. The expansion of digital marketing channels and the use of data for classic marketing activities from a single data source require consistent color management in order to ensure the consistent product representation across all marketing channels. As part of the FloorService seminar package, we will offer individual classes on the subject area “Consistent Color Management” in the future.

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